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                                  Wildlife Trapping & Chemical Repellent Services

Mice Control, Mice Removal and Bed Bug Removal
Safely remove unwanted animals from your property with wildlife trapping from our professional pest control company in Mount Vernon, New York. Colonel Exterminating Service understands that some people feel bad about exterminating animals that are invading their home and property. That is why we provide wildlife trapping, so you can reclaim your space without harming these creatures. Contact us at (888) 878-5418 for more information about the different methods we use to remove pests from your land.

Wildlife Trapping
There are a variety of different humane ways that our professional pest control company can keep your property free of invaders. We offer humane wildlife trapping by box caging as well as modifications of the environment to both capture or repel would-be intruders. One of the methods we use involved closing off areas and using chemical treatments to make the area less appealing.

It's YOUR Home
When unwanted creatures begin to stake a claim on your property, you don't have to sit back and take it. Your home is your biggest investment and deserves to be protected properly from any creature that would want to tarnish its value or your comfort. Whether you want human pest control or classic elimination services, you have the right to a pest-free property.

Rabbit, Wildlife Trapping
Contact us in Mount Vernon, New York, at (888) 878-5418
for more information about our wildlife trapping services.

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